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2013-05-11 15:36:50 by karthon

I am very excited, to say the least. I've found an animation I was making 4 years ago, but then abandoned it. But now it's out, unfinished, old... but really cool. Probably one of my biggest animated movie. Please, watch it RIGHT OVER HERE YEAH CLICK ME BABE and let me know what do you think 'bout it. Cheers :D


Stunning ART and me!

2013-02-09 20:04:15 by karthon

Hey there, friends!

It's been a long time since I posted something on Newgrounds. Last animation was in 2011... Geez!
I just was busy with some video-slash-youtube stuff. But ya kno what? I'M BACK TO ANIMATIONS, BITCHES!
I've already started planning new animated projects, and hopefully, they will appear here, on Newgrounds soon. Stay tuned! (If you are interested, but you probably don't).
And while I'm making animations, check out amazing art of my good friend TRUPBOGA , he does stuff like this. Cool, right?

Stunning ART and me!

stop-motion sickness!

2012-02-09 22:44:07 by karthon

Hi There!
Yep, I'm not dead. Due to the lack of time I'm animating very rare...
But take a look of what me and my friend have done on our shool walls!
I hope you will enjoy this. Because if not, I'll have to kill innocent cute animals.

big boobs

2011-10-03 16:16:25 by karthon

Sorry, no big boobs for you today.
But at least I wrote a song for you. Maybe if you'll listen to it, boobies will visit you.



2011-06-16 11:05:58 by karthon

If i'll die tomorrow, I want this song to sound on my funeral. (and I'm not fuckin emo :D )

And what is your favourite song? Post a link on it!

Thankful watchers

2011-06-06 05:15:27 by karthon

So... . I've made many flash cartoons and videos both in English and in Russian. And I've noticed, that watchers who speak english are way more thankful to creator, than the russians.
For example- If someone uploads an average video with an average plot or quality, someone who is a russian will comment something like " TOTAL CRAP!" or " OH FUCK YOU ARE IDIOTS". But those who aren't russian would rather comment something like "I disliked this video, because the plot wasn't interesting and actors were bad." It seems that russian commenters really want to throw a shit in someone, even if there's no point in this throwing. It's a bit sad, cuz I speak Russian, and my friends speak Russian, and other people will judge the Russian according to these comments.
And yeah sorry for my English, i know it sucks a bit.

well, I'm also making some new projects. This one is the larges project- about 6 minutes are
Completed, something like 3-4 minutes to go.

Thankful watchers


2011-04-17 13:49:23 by karthon


UPD: why the heck I don't have a single medal now? where are my 15k points?! what the F~..


Stop-Motion madness

2011-02-25 13:53:25 by karthon

about 2 years in making, approximately 1000+ photos. not so many, but that's something for me.

Hope you'll like it.

please, write what do you think 'bout this shit. I miss your comments *forever alone face*

New Hentai Movie

2011-02-15 15:45:48 by karthon



New Hentai Movie

Sadness Combat

2010-09-27 15:04:01 by karthon

It's sad to see pretty decend animators making... simple madness movies.
No, really. Madness combat is cool, i enjoy watching these creatures beating the crap out of each other... but I can't understand people who spend all their flash-time on making these animations.
Madness is working on 33 fps- that's cool, cuz you can learn how to make smooth animation. Madness is FBF- that's great, you can learn how to make watchers believe that the protagonist is alive...
but the main word in both arguments- "LEARN" .
For example, Alpha-nuva or Littleluckylink . Their FBF experience is very advanced, but nevertheless, they continue to make madness movies. Maybe because madness is the only thing why their pages are visited by people... But why doesn't they draw a cartoon using their experience, but without madness? And yoes, Luckylink made the Wesker's addiction and it's great, cuz at last he climbs up a bit.
Also, funny tendention: every "madness animator" is 12-17 years old. This fact makes me think, that...
why don't you stop making madness and start drawing something more original, the movie, that's not based on someone's idea or spritesheets. MAdness combat animations is like a school -you learn how to make a smooth movement, how to animate with higher FPS... but you shuld go further, or you will stuck in this school and your experience will die in these grey walls with grey madness-characters.

Everything I wrote is just my opinion, my advices... so pleace don't write "shut the fuck up, madness rules but you suck balls". Krinkels is genius... he "created a bulb". But if you put that bulb into a torch, you won't become a genius too.